Before the autumn vacation, a special fine art lesson was held for the students of the 4C class of VS-Oberhausen - together we painted a picture of their homeland.

These lessons were special in that they were not only creative but also contained a lot of information about the artist himself, and in which style the picture was written. In this way, the children had the opportunity to learn something about their compatriot - the world-famous Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser.

The 280 x 170 cm masterpiece, created by 20 students, will decorate their school and will also be displayed in the town hall. Each of these children, together with their parents, can be proud of the created masterpiece.

Children created very inspired, and filled the picture with a lot of bright colors and even more positive energy. You really feel that when you stand in front of a painting, you let it work its magic on you, and you immediately fall in love with it. Even when you admire it for the second or third time, you always discover something new for yourself.

That's how fun and effective we celebrated International Artist's Day - on October 25, 2022.